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Migrating a website to a new server can be a daunting task. Ensuring that everything works perfectly before making the DNS switch is crucial to avoid downtime and errors. This is where avoiDNS comes into play. avoiDNS allows you to preview your website on the new server without altering DNS records, providing a seamless transition.

1. Easy Setup for Efficient Website Testing

When migrating a website, one of the biggest challenges is testing it on the new server without disrupting the live site. Traditional methods involve changing the Hosts file or setting up proxies, which can be complex and time-consuming. avoiDNS simplifies this process by letting you generate a temporary URL that points to your new server.

2. Incredibly Fast and Performance-Optimized

avoiDNS is designed to add minimal overhead to your requests, ensuring that your site’s performance remains unaffected during the testing phase.

3. Device-Agnostic for Responsive Testing

Whether you are using a desktop, tablet, or mobile device, avoiDNS works seamlessly across all platforms, making it easier to test responsive designs.

4. Security Simplified with HTTPS

avoiDNS ensures that your site remains secure during testing. HTTPS is always available, providing a secure connection even in the testing phase.


avoiDNS is the ultimate tool for anyone looking to migrate their website smoothly. It eliminates the need for complex setups and allows for real-time testing of your website. Visit today and make your next website migration a breeze.

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